Local Cleanup Goes A Long Way

We don’t realize how much of a mess we make on this planet just by living here.  It’s important that we come together to clean things up once in a while to keep this place clean for the generations that will come after us.  Not many people think about this, but if you want this planet to be a clean place to live for our kids, then we must do our part to maintain it while we are here.environmentcleanup

It’s a big planet, and there are 6 billion of us here, so if we all just do our part we won’t have a problem.  The challenge is most people don’t do their part.  I was at the beach the other day and watched how some people just tossed trash on the ground when a garbage pail was within 50 feet walking distance.

Most people don’t think that a little candy wrapper or soda can won’t harm anyone, but remember there are billions of us.  So if we all have that mindset this place can get messy pretty quickly, and parts of the world have.

A Community Coming Together

Out in the Long Island area this summer there has been a community of people coming together to do a little cleaning up.  It’s always good to see people coming together for the same cause, and one that will do so many of us good for years to come.

A large group of the locals from the South Shore of Suffolk County have come together to give the shoreline a face lift.  If you’ve never been to the beaches of Long Island you’re missing out.  They have some of the most beautiful beaches around.  The coastline is amazing, with breath taking views.

There are so many people in that area spending time either down at the beach or on the water boating.  Some of the beaches there have had a wash up of garbage and litter.  Nothing to where you wouldn’t want to go to the beach to relax, but enough that you could see long term it could become a problem.

These awesome local residents have teamed up for the summer to head to some of the beaches on Saturday mornings during July and August to do a little housekeeping.  If I had to pick a place to do some cleanup, the beach would be at the top of my list.  Just the feeling of knowing you’re doing something good, but also being at one of the best places on Earth.

They Started A Movement

This group has done an amazing job of picking up trash and keeping the shoreline looking stunning.  They even caught the attention of local businesses in the area that wanted to lend a hand within their community as well.  Some of the owners and employees of those companies have been coming out to help, as well as donate all types of items and money to make the job easier.

The local bagel shops, coffee shops, hair salons, limo service companies like www.mvlimo.com, pet supply stores, hardware stores and so many other great businesses have chipped in to help out.  It’s been a great coming together of the community there.  We’ve heard that the community not only feels cleaner, but closer together as well.

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Heavy Flooding – Community Coming To The Rescue

heavyrainsandfloodsSo we’ve received a handful of messages from people in a small community of Nebraska.  They’ve been experiencing major flooding the past month and a half from heaving rain storms, as well as some tornado watches.  It’s really stirred up the community there.

Many of the homes there have been severely damaged by water.  Some of the homes were hit with water damage a few times in a row since there were back to back storms that came through Lincoln.  Many basements have been completely destroyed and washed out.  Once water gets in, it can be very dangerous as well as destructive.

Community Coming Together

A lot of the community has come together to help each other out.  Some families have had to evacuate from their homes since mold has started to grow from the water damage.  We’ve seen families pulling together and bringing in other families to stay with them until they can get their house back to a livable condition.

Many of the local businesses have also come forward to help their community in a time of need.  It’s always really good to see this.  Sometimes it takes times of devastation for people to slow down and recognize what’s really important in life.

We’ve heard a lot of the local restaurants have been providing warm meals at no cost to some of the families that have been misplaced from their homes.  We all take the basics of living for granted sometimes, like eating.. but when a major disaster strikes it makes you realize that it’s the basics like food, water and shelter that are most important.

Local Businesses Helping Out

One of the local services we’ve heard a lot about has been helping people get the water cleaned up from their properties.  That’s the most important thing when there is water damage, to get it out of the property as soon as possible.  Water starts to create more and more damage as it moves and finds its way deeper into the walls of the property.

The Lincoln water damage restoration companies have been super busy working around the clock in the Lincoln area.  Some of the people in the area have said these storms have created more water in their houses than any other storms in the area.  Some of the water damage companies have been buying extra equipment to keep up with the demand.

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Save The Bay Fundraiser

So today’s news comes out of Long Island New York.  Long Island is an island that hangs off the coast of Manhattan, otherwise knows as New York City.  There is a benefit coming up to support the Moriches Bay Project.  They are a local organization dedicated to working in their community to restore as well as monitor the Moriches Bay.  Over the past few decades they’ve seen a decline in the water quality, and are looking to get it back to it’s once thriving habitat.

Since we like to share good news we figured why not help spread the word and do our part to help save the bay.  If you’re in the area, go and check it out:

Save The Bay

Saturday, June 27th 2015

7:00PM – 10:00PM

906 Dune Rd, Westhampton Dunes – 11978


Here’s some great things that will be going on that night:
  • Reggae music by Panama
  • Catering by Buoy One – Raw bar, Hot seafood bar, BBQ meats, and much more!
  • Full Bar – Including local beer and wine.
  • Cigar Bar – by Hampton cigars company
  • Introducing “The Oyster” wine by Proud Pour
  • Auction Table – There will be some very COOL items to bid on.
  • First Time Ever “An Oyster Fling” – Take a walk through a picture filled path to the Bay, get to see the first Moriches Bay Project oyster farm, and be able to put baby mollusks in a real oyster cage

There are a lot of the local businesses coming out to support the event in many ways.  So many have donated funds to make the event possible, as well as donations towards taking care of Moriches Bay.  A lot of the Long Island businesses are providing big discounts as well to help the event happen.

We were talking with a local Huntington limo service company from Long Island, and they said they are providing discounts to anyone that wants to rent a limo for the event.  This is a really good idea since the ride out to Westhampton could be over an hour from some areas of Long Island.

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Welcome To Our Website

Welcome to Paperlane.net!

We’re excited that your reading us here.  One of the things we realized when it comes to online news is the small local news usually gets missed or skipped.  The news is also usually very negative in nature, and if you just focus on negative news you’re not going to feel that great.  So that was the inspiration behind Paperlane.net.

We were always looking for a source to find the good going on in the world, and especially at the local level.  Since it always took a lot of digging to find it, we decided to put up a website to share it with others.  We figured if we were having that challenge, that there must be others as well.

At Paperlane were constantly asking people of the good going on in their area, so then we can report it and get it out on the internet.  We’re big fans of spreading good news, so if you have any to share you can always contact us and let us know.

The more we work together to spread the good news, the more everyone will feel.  So let’s work together and be a force for good in the world.  We’re exciting to be the newspaper bearing good news in the world 🙂